Vante Office Plan
Vante Office Plan, you can see the plan for your new office. Improved flow between departments, better training and meeting space, and additional inventory are just a few of the benefits of our new facility.


Vante’s new facility has many features that make this the flagship location for years to come.

  • A state-of-the-art training and conference room that can host up to 35 people, complete with the latest video conferencing communication technology and a spacious layout to maximize participants’ comfort
  • Separate, enclosed customer training suite to maximize confidentiality and minimize distractions
  • Single floor layout for the entire facility
  • Consolidated inventory warehouse
  • Consolidated machine shop with improved work flow
  • Expanded Applications Engineering lab to encompass both Vante and PlasticWeld support
  • Expanded assembly area that allows continued growth in production capacity
  • Leadership and administrative offices are in closer proximity to each other – facilitating more efficient and effective communication.

Photos of our progress

Framing the Admin Space

Framing Administration

Framing of the Machine Shop

Framing Machine Shop

Roofing and HVAC Installed

HVAC and Roofing Installation

Roofing and HVAC Installed

Hvac and Roofing Installation

Framing Production Space

Framing Production

The walls are coming together

Applications and R&D start to take shape