About the expansion into a new facility

The Vante SEBRA expansion into a new facility will take place in stages in from April 6 - 18. This will help us reduce downtime and keep order delivery on-time. Our new office will be closer to the airport, in a larger facility. It will have a training center and a layout that is designed to maximize efficiency so that we can continue delivering the highest quality equipment.


April 6 to April 18, 2018

New Office address:

3480 E Britannia Dr., #120
Tucson, AZ 85706 

Frequently Asked Questions

General Vante SEBRA move

How long will your plant be shut down?

The phased approach of our move is designed to prevent a complete shutdown of the facility.  We will move on a department by department basis, concentrating our manpower to minimize downtime as each department is moved.  There should be no shutdown of the entire facility, and only minimal interruptions in services provided by any or our departments. 

What is the address of your new location?

3480 E Britannia Dr., #120
Tucson, AZ 85706 

When do I start using the new address?

We recommend starting to use the new address on shipments sent on April 10th and thereafter

When is the move scheduled to start and/or end?

Preparations for our move were started several months ago.  Preparations at the new site are already underway.  The physical move will take place in a phased sequence, starting on Friday, April 6th and continuing through Thursday, April 18th. 

Why are you moving?

The current facility cannot support our growth and continuous improvement initiatives.  The new facility will provide an improved work environment for our team members, enable more efficient and effective utilization of space, promote enhanced workflow, and provide state-of-the-art infrastructure to meet our needs now and well into the future. 

Will items already in transit to the old address be forwarded to the new address

We will have the ability to retrieve shipments from the old address until April 20th.  Mail will be automatically forwarded. 

Will phone numbers and other contact information for your employees change?

All contact information (main phone lines, direct dial phone lines and email addresses) will remain the same. 

Will this move cause significant change in your workforce?

No.  The new location is just a few miles from our existing facility. 

How will the move affect orders

What are the benefits I can expect to experience as a result of the move?

One of the most important considerations in our move was the effect on our team members and customers.  We expect the new facility will provide a significantly improved work environment for both our team members and our visitors, and enable enhanced communication, better work flow and improved operational efficiencies. 

What are you doing to prevent delays to committed shipping dates?

We have a comprehensive plan in place to prevent delays.  The move is being guided by specialists from our parent corporation, Barry Wehmiller, who have successfully orchestrated the moves of many division facilitiesOur plans include contracting services from equipment manufacturers to oversee removal, installation and commissioning of all machine shop equipment, contracting manufacturing capacity at selected qualified vendors to augment our own capacity, focused relocation of assets on a department-bydepartment basis, careful scheduling of our manufacturing activities and capacity, build-up of our inventory where possible and working overtime / weekends to minimize impacts on the work day.

Who do I contact to discuss specific concerns about delivery of my purchase orders?

We have developed a communication portal that provides secure, tracked communications for any question you might have, including questions about orders.  You can access this by visiting this support link.  You will be asked to register on the site before first use.  If needed, instructions for using this can be found at how it works along with a short video.

Will this move improve service from your company?

Our culture of continuous improvement will help ensure improved service to our customers.  The open layout and modern infrastructure of this facility will enhance our team’s ability to implement lean manufacturing techniques.

The move and regulatory issues

When can I schedule a facility audit
  1. Facility audits can be requested via our communication portal.  We encourage our customers to consider accepting updated copies of our regulatory certification documents in leiu of a facility audit.  
Will compliance status to ISO 9001 standards change before, during or after the move?

No, there will be no changes to our compliance on any regulatory requirements or certifications

Will compliance status to TUV standards change before, during or after the move?

No, there will be no changes to our compliance on any regulatory requirements or certifications.